Contabilità. Azienda. Immigrazione.
Formazione di aziende in Estonia online
Concentrati sulle tue competenze chiave
Magrat consente agli imprenditori globali di gestire le proprie attività e di concentrarsi sulle proprie competenze principali. Forniamo una gamma di servizi di supporto di qualità, sia in Estonia che nel mondo:

  • costituzione e gestione di aziende
  • consulenza contabile, fiscale e legale
  • rapporti bancari
  • spazi di lavoro e servizi di alloggio
  • consulenza in materia di trasferimento, residenza e cittadinanza
  • servizi di family office
  • servizi di web design e hosting
Con ogni cliente, ci sforziamo di costruire un rapporto di fiducia con i partner per molti anni.
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Recensioni clienti Magrat

Steblak Artur
Reviewed on 12 of Oct 2021

Magrat offers some of the best services in Estonia. Professional multilingual team, even offering service in Spanish, everything is done correctly and on time. Saludos y muchas gracias!

Leskovskyi Andrii
Reviewed on 28 of Sep 2021

Igor is one of those who are always ready to help. It doesn’t matter if your project is just at the idea stage, or you are already an operating business, or maybe you just want to discuss the prospects of e-residency. It is always pleasant to deal with the guys from Magrat and it is easier to make decisions based on their advice and many years of experience in law and banking.

Sanchez Nunez Jaime
Reviewed on 29 of Nov 2021

Great business partners and advisors in international law and Estonian obligations for accounting and crypto companies related services. Years of experience, you can trust and you are relaxed using these services. So 100% recommedable

Blouin Paul
Reviewed on 21 of Feb 2022

Great provider. I’ve been in touch with half a dozen and for Magrat : The process was smooth, they gave us infos for every step of the process. Nice people and very easy to work with. Ask for Andrei, very professional and organised.

Dubinski Edward
Reviewed on 29 of Oct 2021

This is a highly innovative and cool tool

Goncalvez Espiga Guillermo Antonio
Reviewed on 9 of Nov 2021

Magrat is the perfect partner for your international startup. They are intelligent, flexible and always open to help from the most basic to the most complex stuff, making sure that your company operation is running smoothly.

Jevgeni Vereštšagin
Reviewed on 26 of Aug 2021

A great team of professionals, it’s a pleasure to work with them. All clear and fast as it can be.

Mardaliyev Emil
Reviewed on 29 of Sep 2021

Professionals of their field, very helpful and skilled staff. Response time and quality is amazing.

Petrivskyy Oleh
Reviewed on 4 of Oct 2021

Excellent service!

Popovych Ihor
Reviewed on 21 of Sep 2021

It’s a pleasure to work with such efficient and trustworthy team of professionals that Magrat truly is. Their attention to details and critical thinking combined with great knowledge of the industry are impressive. That human touch we experience with every communication is so rare and very much appreciated.

Sokol Artem
Reviewed on 2 of Nov 2021

Highly recommended service provider! Friendly team, good expertise, high standard services. Best for your company!

Wawrzyk Michal
Reviewed on 22 of Nov 2021

Always there to help you out and very professional. A great office to cooperate with.


Magrat OÜ è un team altamente qualificato di esperti di talento che ha portato a termine con successo numerosi progetti internazionali. I nostri contabili hanno ricevuto certificati di rendicontazione finanziaria IIBA riconosciuti a livello internazionale, i consulenti finanziari hanno esperienza nel settore bancario e gli avvocati hanno una lunga esperienza nell'apertura di conti per società non residenti.
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