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Why choose us:
  • AEA Recognized Accounting Company – only 20 of 6000+ Estonian accounting firms are recognized
  • a leading position on e-Residency Marketplace based on independent verified reviews
  • #14 in 2023 Äripäev Accounting Firms TOP – only 1% of Estonian firms make it to the TOP
  • SFAI Global is a leading network of firms uniting 14000+ professionals in 115 countries
  • Team of 20+ experienced professionals
  • We speak 10+ languages
With each client, we strive to build trust partner relationship for many years.
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Your business in Estonia - pick your perfect plan
Choose a plan to incorporate Estonian company
Include VAT (22%)
€ 499
remotely for
€ 699
remotely via notary for single shareholder
€ 899
remotely via notary for two founders
€ 1899
remotely via notary for corporate shareholder
€ 4099
for EU citizen with relocation to Estonia
Choose your legal address
If you have an office in Estonia to manage your company from, you are allowed to indicate the address of your office as your company legal address.
Include VAT (22%)
Legal address abroad
€ 0
Hot desk
€ 199
€ 2149
€ 199
€ 180
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Reviews clients Magrat

Adrian Leslie Kaehler
Reviewed on 12 of Mar 2024

How could I survive without the amazing and wonderful help I get from Magrat!

Mark Andrew Zurevinski
Reviewed on 8 of Mar 2024

They are a top shelf provider of service. Highly recommended.

Neel Bharat Kulshreshtha
Reviewed on 1 of Mar 2024

After Brexit, we needed to establish our presence in EU to have a smooth selling experience and also to have expedite delivery to our customers. Once we found out about eResidency, we began work to apply and open a company in Estonia. Next step was to find a good, dependable and transparent partner and accounting firm that can help us navigate through quite a bit paper work. We are very glad that we found that in Magrat. Now, we are using them for over six month and they are friendly and competent to get any job done in EU. We highly recommend them.

Carlo Pietro Alessandro F Revelli
Reviewed on 26 of Feb 2024

Viktor was extremely helpful in preparing my annual report. He worked with me tirelessly over a period of six months to gather all the documents and review them. I will continue to use Magrat for my accounting needs.

Gia Tarieladze
Reviewed on 19 of Feb 2024

Excellent work, stuff is very professional and helpful.

Mary Braun
Reviewed on 9 of Feb 2024

quick, professional and satisfying

Anastasiia Bida
Reviewed on 11 of Jan 2024

Service provider providing excellent services; all specialist worked in company are high qualified and do all best for all requests.

Mirjam Irene Maas
Reviewed on 28 of Nov 2023

They are very helpful, guiding you every step on the way of opening an business as an e-resident in Estonia. I know how to do my own business, to get clients etcetera. I don’t know about all the little details of opening a business nor the legal matters around this. They do. And they help you. The offer a great service and support.

Jaikumar Ojha
Reviewed on 22 of Nov 2023

Great experience

Tatiana Zorian
Reviewed on 13 of Nov 2023

A lot of thanks for extraordinary expertise and always attentive attidude.

Mikhail Zarubin
Reviewed on 13 of Nov 2023

Thanks to Magrat, guys are absolutely brilliant, knowledgeable and reliable! Always helpful and on time!

Simonas Žižiunas
Reviewed on 5 of Nov 2023

Great, fast and prefessional legal service. Recommend 100%

Mykhailo Chornak
Reviewed on 27 of Oct 2023

A wonderful and responsive company, nice employees and always helpful!

Luigi Alessandro Carbutti
Reviewed on 24 of Oct 2023

Very good service

Rokas Medonis
Reviewed on 20 of Oct 2023

Working with them 5+ years. Full coverage from accounting to audit. Really professional team!

Aleksandr Iakovlev
Reviewed on 29 of Sep 2023

Thank you for a very fast and quality services. These guys really helped me!

Max Wolfgang Engelhardt
Reviewed on 18 of Sep 2023

Great Service and uncomplicated company establishment!

Rassadkin Aleksandr
Reviewed on 8 of Sep 2021

We have been using Magrat for already three months (initially for establishing our branch in Tallin) and can recommend them as a team of professinals.


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