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Contabilidad. Empresa. Inmigración.
Formación de empresas en Estonia en línea
Céntrese en sus competencias básicas
Magrat permite a los empresarios de todo el mundo dirigir sus negocios y concentrarse en sus principales competencias. Prestamos una serie de servicios de apoyo de calidad, tanto en Estonia como en el resto del mundo:

  • creación y gestión de empresas
  • asesoramiento contable, fiscal y jurídico
  • relaciones bancarias
  • espacios de trabajo y servicios de alojamiento
  • asesoramiento sobre reubicación, residencia y ciudadanía
  • servicios de family office
  • servicios de diseño y alojamiento web
Con cada cliente, nos esforzamos por generar confianza relación de pareja durante muchos años.
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Reseñas clientes Magrat

Rassadkin Aleksandr
Reviewed on 8 of Sep 2021

We have been using Magrat for already three months (initially for establishing our branch in Tallin) and can recommend them as a team of professinals.

Vladyslav Kryklii
Reviewed on 5 of Sep 2023

Alina from Magrat provided very comprehensive and unique support almost I was at their local office instead of digital registration. Every request was rapidly answered. Many thanks to Magrat and good luck achieving best positions in area of consulting and legal services.

Nadim Nashif
Reviewed on 1 of Sep 2023

Professional great services

Robin Tarabay
Reviewed on 1 of Sep 2023

Great service and very pleasant people.

Jose ‘ Tomas Muci Lander
Reviewed on 30 of Aug 2023

Magrat is top tier. They have all the necessary knowledge at the ready and they are incredibly fast with communications, plus they’re very friendly. I could not ask for better legal counseling, specially in legal waters where I don’t speak the language. 10/10 would recommend to anyone interested in setting up their business in Estonia.

Darja Omarova
Reviewed on 26 of Aug 2021

A great team of professionals who provide excellent corporate services and offer personal approach to each client.

Yildiz Demir
Reviewed on 10 of Aug 2023

A pleasure to work with Magrat, as they offer a diligent and tailored service related to establishing a company in Estonia. I would recommend it to anyone.

Panagiotis Kalaitzoglou
Reviewed on 24 of Jul 2023

Magrat helped us a lot with our pretty complex process of transferring shares. They proved to be very responsive and answered our questions, while proposing the shortest route to our goal.

Paolo Ramazzotti
Reviewed on 30 of Jun 2023

Very professional company, they reply with kindness and timely.

Iryna Popova
Reviewed on 16 of Jun 2023

I am grateful for the professional and prompt support. I recommend this company

Primush Yurii
Reviewed on 28 of Apr 2023

I’m more than satisfied. Very helpful. Great service. Highly recommend!

Tickner Andrew James
Reviewed on 22 of Mar 2023

Professional and very helpful. Thank you.

Chirkinyan Sevak
Reviewed on 16 of Mar 2023

Very satisfied with our cooperation, the company provides services quickly and efficiently

Aleksa Saulius
Reviewed on 15 of Mar 2023

Fast & professional help, always. Thanks to Magrat team!

Cruz De Jesus Paulo David
Reviewed on 15 of Mar 2023

Great experience, dealling with excelente professional team.

Jones Emily Faye Helene
Reviewed on 14 of Mar 2023

I have had the pleasure of doing business with Magrat since last November, when they helped me set up my company. They have since managed my monthly accounting. Working with them is quite convenient, everything is taken care of efficiently, and they are very responsive with email. They set up a video meeting to walk me through setting up my company. Everything has gone smoothly and I am grateful for their friendly, efficient service.

Cristian Lupascu
Reviewed on 14 of Mar 2023

An awesome working experience, a company which is specialised in providing company a lots of services, from accounting to legal, everything that a company might need. I’m very happy with the collaboration so far.

Federico Luciani
Reviewed on 6 of Mar 2023

Igor Raikhelgauz is very knowledgeable and competent professional in his job. He is always kind and available to customers.

Mohyla Roman
Reviewed on 7 of Feb 2023

These guys provide legal service as you expect: confident, on time, and professional with the desire to really help. As a client, you can feel that they care.

Blouin Paul
Reviewed on 21 of Feb 2022

Great provider. I’ve been in touch with half a dozen and for Magrat : The process was smooth, they gave us infos for every step of the process. Nice people and very easy to work with. Ask for Andrei, very professional and organised.


magrat team
Magrat OÜ es un equipo altamente cualificado de expertos con talento que ha completado con éxito numerosos proyectos internacionales. Nuestros contables han obtenido los certificados de información financiera del IIBA, reconocidos internacionalmente, los asesores financieros tienen experiencia en el sector bancario y los abogados cuentan con una dilatada experiencia en la apertura de cuentas para empresas no residentes.
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