igor first photo
igor second photo
Founder & CEO / Board Member
After several CFO positions at Estonian financial and industrial companies and heading a Geneva based UHNWI family office, Igor founded Magrat Group in 2009. Igor holds an MBA degree from Concordia International University Estonia
anna klimova first photo
anna klimova second photo
Head of Accounting Services / Board Member
Before joining Magrat, Hanna managed the Accounting Department at a bank. She holds a BA in Finance and Credit and Certificate in Accounting to International Standards (IAB).
darja omarova first photo
darja omarova second photo
Office Manager
Darja acquired professional expertise in communications and HR management by working in various administrative positions. Darja graduated from the Tallinn School of Economics with a degree in marketing.
Client Services Team
ruslan lihman first photo
second photo ruslan lihman
Head of Client Service
Ruslans acquired vast experience and developed expertise in international, corporate and contract law, working at international companies in the roles of Legal Counsel and Head of Legal Services. He has a Master's degree in Law from the National Research University, Higher School of Economics in Moscow.
first photo alina karhu
alina karhu second photo
Client Service Specialist
Alina joined the Magrat team in 2020 after graduating from the Tallinn School of Economics. Alina specializes in serving IT companies
sofia sof first photo
sofia sof second photo
Client Service Specialist
Sofia brings her expertise in cooperating with leading corporate service companies in Estonia and experience gained while living in Italy.
Client Service Specialist
Dmytro has significant experience in communicating with international partners from various backgrounds, he worked in the field of public administration and international relations. Dmytro graduated with a degree in translation and philology.
Accounting Team
elena aasma second photo
elena aasma second photo
Senior Accountant
Jelena has a broad experience, having occupied top management roles in financial functions of large international companies. She holds an MBA degree from Tallinn University of Technology and a 6th level diploma in accounting. Jelena is also guest lecturer of financial accounting at the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences.
viktor dergachev first photo
viktor dergachev second photo
Senior Accountant
Viktor has a solid background in accounting and information technology. Viktor joined Magrat after graduating from Tallinn School of Economics. He holds a Level 5 Diploma in Accounting.
julia ivanova first photo
julia ivanova second photo
Julia joined Magrat in 2020 after graduating from the Tallinn School of Economics.
alina pirk first photo
alina pirk second photo
Alina previously worked in the finance department of a large multinational corporation. She holds a BA in Accounting and Finance from Tallinn University of Technology.
Junior Accountant
Jekaterina joined Magrat in August 2022. She completed accounting course in 2018. Previously Jekaterina gained experience in the accounting department of a logistics company.
Junior Accountant
Diana joined the team after successfully completing her internship in the accounting department at Magrat. In 2023 Diana plans to earn a BA degree from TalTech in the basis of financial analysis and accounting. In the future Diana plans to continue her studies and earn a master's degree, studying business finance and financial accounting.
maria musienko first photo
maria musienko second photo
Junior Accountant
Maria graduated from the Faculty of Economics of Tallinn University of Technology with a degree in Business Administration - Accounting. Prior to joining the team, Magrat gained experience in the accounting department of international companies in the tourism sector.
Junior Accountant
Darja graduated from TalTech with BA degree in business administration and decided to start her career in accounting with Magrat. Before joining our team Darja has completed internship in Finance Department of Narva city.
Junior Accountant
Marina previously gained experience working in a financial department at Finnish postal service company. Marina has a degree in accounting from Tallinn School of Economics and in 2022 she acquired professional level 5 in accounting.
Legal Team
andrei novikov first photo
andrei novikov second photo
Senior Legal Counsel
Andrei has a long-standing experience in the corporate services industry. He gained competency in the area of commercial law, AML, tax and contract law. Andrei holds a Master’s degree in Law from University of Tartu.
oleg first photo
second photo oleg zag
Partner, Banking Relationships
Oleg has a strong corporate and private banking background having worked as an executive at several banks in Ukraine and Estonia. Oleg holds a diploma in Finance from Kharkiv National University and a Master’s degree in Electronic Engineering from Kharkiv Polytechnic University.
Junior Legal Counsel
Anton has a background in banking sector where he among other was involved in AML process. Anton graduated from Tallinn University with bachelor degree in law.
Development Team
artjom angilov first photo
artjom angilov second photo
Head of Development
Before joining Magrat, Artjom gained experience running his own business in Estonia. He has higher education in economics with specialisation in financial management.
viktor jakovlev first photo
viktor jakovlev second photo
Head of Digital Marketing
Viktor has experience in developing sophisticated web design solutions with leading multinational companies in the industrial sector.
Sofia joined Magrat shortly after receiving an MA degree in International Affairs at the Hertie School located in Berlin. She also holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Management (in English) awarded by the Graduate School of Management, Saint Petersburg State University.
Family Office Team
dmitri illushin first photo
second photo dmitriy illushin
Head of M&A
Dmitri held various executive positions in both the private and public sectors, simultaneously engaging in academic work. During the first years of Estonia’s independence, he became a banking pioneer, overseeing the introduction of the first payment cards. Later, Dmitri served as CFO and CEO of a major Estonian insurance and industrial companies and tech startups.
dmitriy polishuk first photo
second photo dmitriy polishuk
Senior Analyst
Dmitri has experience with a leading investment bank in Estonia. He graduated from Boston University with a degree in Investment Management and is an EU licensed asset manager.

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