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par le Brexit ?

Créez votre entreprise européenne dès aujourd’hui

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Votre société en Estonie ou une filiale
de votre entreprise britannique existante.

As Brexit is unfolding, your business can still rester dans l'UE. Commencez votre Entreprise estonienne aujourd'hui ! Magrat OÜ est
un prestataire de services avec 12 ans d'expérience. Nous servons à la fois des fondateurs privés et d'entreprises.
Numéro de TVA de l'UE
Compte de l'UE
Libre-échange personnalisé
commerce avec l'UE
Expédition plus rapide
et des flux commerciaux
Réduire au minimum

Prix spéciaux, offre limitée dans le temps:

spesicl price
e-Residency application assistance:
200 €
0 €
Ce que disent nos clients:
Annie L.
I decided to get e-Residency, but the process wasn’t entirely clear and some questions in the forms were not obvious. Magrat helped me prepare everything I needed and organised a videoconference so the application process went smoothly.
spesicl price
Company incorporation for
580 €
190 €
Only state fee!
Ce que disent nos clients:
Jeong H.
My business suffered because of Brexit. I realised I needed a company in the EU, but I wasn’t sure which country to choose. I booked a consultation with Magrat, and they explained everything. I compared the options and was convinced Estonia and Magrat are the way to go.
Remote incorporation for a UK corporate founder
1800 €
1000 €
Ce que disent nos clients:
James B.
We decided to start a subsidiary in Estonia, but most service providers did not want to work with corporate founders. When we approached Magrat, they explained the documents we needed to prepare in the UK and helped us incorporate our subsidiary. Very efficient.
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Pourquoi L'Estonie ?

why estonia

0% corporate tax on
reinvested profits

why estonia

e-Residency – secure digital identity and
fast incorporation online

why estonia

Operate your business in Europe digitally
– register your business online and enjoy
borderless market growth.

why estonia

100% online remote company administration, minimal
the administrative burden on the entrepreneur – we will
manage your legal, accounting, and other administrative
issues so you can focus on your business.

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