Magrat OÜ a team of talented experts

Magrat OÜ is a highly qualified team of talented experts who have successfully implemented many international projects. Our accountants have internationally recognized certificates in financial reporting IIBA, financial consultants – experience in the banking sector, and lawyers – many years of practice in opening accounts for non-resident companies. We carefully analyze your needs and requirements and offer profitable solutions quickly, efficiently and with the utmost discretion.

We provide a full package of accounting services for your business. Our specialists with due competence and thoroughness will help you in organizing and maintaining your accounting. In the event that a non-standard situation arises in your company, our experts of related professions – lawyers and auditors – will be involved in resolving the issue. You can rely on us to focus on strategic business management knowing that your accounting department is in good hands.

Igor Raikhelgauz
Shareholder and Managing Director
With over 20 years of top-management and entrepreneurial experience in the financial and industrial sectors, Igor builds strategic relationships with clients and leads the team. From 2007 to present he has been heading Magrat that started as a Geneva-based single ultra-high-net-worth family office, followed by a successful management buyout.
Igor also is a founder and CEO of a charitable foundation raising funds for healthcare, education and integration projects.
He is fluent in Russian, English, Estonian, French, Italian and Ukrainian and holds an MBA from Concordia University, Tallinn.
Anna Jõemets
Before joining Magrat, Anna has gained valuable experience at the recognised law companies and notary bureaus in Estonia. She is one of the leading specialists in Estonia in immigration law and is highly experienced in corporate and commercial law. Anna is fluent in Russian, English, Estonian and Hebrew and holds a Master’s degree in Law from Tartu University.
Hanna Klimova
Before joining Magrat, Hanna managed the Accounting Department at a bank. She holds a BA in Finance and Credit and Certificate in Accounting to International Standards (IAB).
Artjom Angilov
Legal Counsel
Before joining Magrat, Artjom has gained experience in Estonian company management and development. He has higher education in economics with a specialisation in financial management. The area of ​​work in Magrat—Estonian corporate and contract law.
Sofia Sofjankova
Italian Market Manager
Sofia brings her expertise in cooperating with leading corporate service companies in Estonia and experience gained while living in Italy.
Viktor Dergatšov
Viktor has a solid background in accounting and information technology. He is fluent in Russian, English and Estonian.
Alina Karhu
Alina joined Magrat in 2020 after graduating from the Tallinn School of Economics with a degree in Accounting and Finance. Being the youngest employee of the company, she has experience in accounting and client relations. Alina is fluent in Russian, English and Estonian.
Oleg Zagrevskyi
Oleg has a strong banking background in corporate and private business, having worked as an executive at several banks in Ukraine and Estonia. Life motto: there are no unsolvable tasks. He holds a diploma from Kharkiv National University named after V. N. Karazin in Finance and a Master’s degree in Electronic Engineering from Kharkiv Polytechnic University. Oleg is fluent in Russian, Ukrainian and English.
Dmitri Poleschuk
Dmitry has experience with a leading investment bank in Estonia. He graduated from Boston University with a degree in Investment Management. Fluent in Russian, English and Estonian.
Dmitri Iljušin
Dmitri has held various executive positions in both the private and public sectors, simultaneously engaging in academic work at the Estonian and Russian universities. During the first years of Estonia’s independence, he became a banking pioneer, overseeing the introduction of the first payment cards. Later, Dmitri proceeded his career, becoming a CFO of a major Estonian insurance company Nordika and taking positions on boards of different industrial and consulting companies.
Ania Tchelnokova
Ania joined Magrat in Geneva at the foundation of the company. She has valuable experience in servicing demanding high-net-worth clients in the fields of real estate and financial services. Fluent in French, Russian and English.
Viktor Jakovlev
Viktor has experience in developing sophisticated web design solutions with leading multinational companies in the industrial sector.