Visiting Omniva postal department for receiving the client’s correspondence by proxy

30 € item


If your company receives a letter or notification that a letter has been delivered to the postal department, but the representative of the company cannot receive itMagrat’s team can assist in receiving your correspondence.   


The cost of receiving the client’s correspondence at the postal department is 30 euros per visit.

What is included in the price?

  • preparing a power of attorney to be signed by a board member and visiting a postal department for receiving company correspondence. 

What is not included in the price?

  • receiving parcels and loads, 
  • scanning correspondence and forwarding it by e-mail60 cents/one page,
  • sending correspondence by registered mail (Omniva)50 euros/one page,
  • sending correspondence by courier mail DHL100 euros/one sending.

What is required from the client?

  • to sign the power of attorney prepared by Magrat and send its scan-copy.


As a result of the service, you will obtain the scan-copy or a photo of the delivered envelope via e-mail.


Within 2 working days from ordering the service and providing the scan copy of the signed power of attorney. 

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