Company incorporation for an Estonian e-resident

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A company in Estonia is a recognised tool that offers broad opportunities for running a global business from anywhere in the world. Advantages of Estonia as a platform for international business operation include: 

  • no undistributed corporate profit tax, whereas Estonia is not blacklisted as a low-tax jurisdiction 
  • double tax treaties with over 80 countries 
  • registering and administering the company remotely from any location in the world through the e-Residency system  
  • minimum bureaucracy and administrative burden on an entrepreneur 
  • professional client-oriented service by the taxation department in Russian, English, and Estonian focused on facilitating the company’s decisions 
  • an opportunity for a foreigner from any country to become a sole proprietor and director of an Estonian company 
  • no obligation to have a bank account in Estonia: an Estonian company can open accounts in any bank in the world, although tax treatment remains unchanged 
  • stable legal system since Estonia is a member of the European Union and European Economic and Monetary Union 
  • an opportunity to obtain a European VAT identification number, trade in the EU market is free from customs duties  
  • innovative legislation that recognises cryptocurrencies as legal tender, an opportunity to obtain state licences for cryptocurrency transactions  
  • unique high-technology sector: Estonia has the largest number of tech unicorns per capita 
  • state support programmes for businesses 
  • an opportunity to obtain a residence permit in Estonia that allows visa-free travel within the Schengen Area, no immigration quotes for IT specialists.   
  • tax exemption for shipping companies


The cost of incorporating a company in Estonia for e-residents is 380 euros, including the state fee of 190 euros. This amount does not include VAT, which can be applied.

Why choose Magrat?

  • Magrat is a licenced trust and company service provider (licence №FIU000154) with the right to act as a Contact Person for non-residents of Estonia  
  • Magrat is an authorised participant of the e-Residency programmes registered as a business service provider in the e-Residency Marketplace 
  • our team comprises successful and experienced lawyers who have been specialising in the incorporation and support of Estonian companies since 2009
  • we provide an individual approach to each client
  • we take into account all nuances of corporate law in Estonia
  • we offer comprehensive company support including contact person service, postal address or physical office renting, bookkeeping, bank account opening assistance

What does the price include?

  • the state fee of 190 euros for the expedited processing of the application 
  • business name availability check
  • preparation of standard Articles of Association (OÜ—limited liability company)
  • preparation of the registration application for one natural person – shareholder/one natural person—board member (director)
  • videoconference consultation with our lawyers 
  • preparation of Magrat’s official consent to act as a Contact Person for the Company according to i.631 (5) of the Commercial Code, submission of the consent to the Commercial Register
  • payment of the state fee for company registration

The price does not include

  • contact person service (mandatory if the board of the company is located outside Estonia)—200 euros per 12 months
  • support during the registration of the minimum share capital of a limited liability company (OÜ), which is 2,500 euros. Natural persons can establish a company without contributing the share capital at incorporation. However, if the founders are legal persons, they should contribute the share capital during the registration process. Share capital registration support is not included in our incorporation service and is available at an additional cost of 200 euros
  • the postal and legal addresses of the company. The Client can choose one of the following options: 
    • unique legal address «Kreutzwaldi 4–7, office № …, Tallinn». The cost of renting a private office is from 350 euros per month + utility costs + VAT
    • unique legal address «Kreutzwaldi 4–7, workplace № …, Tallinn». The cost of renting a dedicated desk at the co-working space is 180 euros per month + VAT
    • legal address «Kreutzwaldi 4–7, Tallinn». The cost of renting a shared place at the co-working space is 99 euros + VAT
    • the postal address to be included in the Register indicates the location of the board of the company in the foreign country. The cost of the address is 200 euros per 12 months + VAT
  • hard copies of notarised and apostilled corporate documents
  • bookkeeping
  • assistance in opening an account in a bank or payment system  
  • assistance in obtaining an Estonian VAT identification number: the cost of filing an application for registration of a VAT payer–300 euros 
  • assistance in obtaining a VAT identification number in another country—by request

What is required from the Client?

  • a high-quality copy of an identification document in PDF or JPEG format 
  • a copy of both sides of the e-Resident’s digi-ID card 
  • a resume (СV)
  • contact details of each shareholder and member of the board of the Estonian company: telephone numbers, emails, addresses
  • contact details of the company for the Commercial Registry: telephone number, email  
  • if the founders are legal persons: corporate documents disclosing the ownership structure of the entities, including their final beneficiaries, and proving the authorities of their representatives 
  • information about beneficial owners of the Estonian company 
  • information about the shareholders’ stakes if there are several shareholders    
  • variants of the company name (three options in descending order of preference)
  • a brief description of the company’s field of activity


After the incorporation and registration of your company in the Commercial Registry of Estonia, you will receive the company’s constituent documents in digital form (PDF):

  • detailed extract from the Estonian Commercial Register in English
  • Articles of Association in Estonian


The registration process takes 5 business days from the submission of the application to the Commercial Registry

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