E-residency application assistance

200 € item


Estonia is the first country in the world that has developed and implemented the concept of e-Residency—digital residency. Nowadays, citizens of any country in the world can become digital residents of Estonia. Although e-Residency does not grant permission to live in Estonia (one should get a residence permit for this), digital residents of Estonia have access to hundreds of innovative services offered by the Estonian state and dozens of private companies online, for example:


  • establish an Estonian company online
  • submit reports and applications to the Tax and Customs Board, Bank of Estonia, Statistics Estonia, Commercial Registry, Company Registration Portal, and other governmental bodies in Estonia online 
  • sign documents and contracts with a digital signature in the international format .asice, which significantly reduces the paperwork and simplifies collaboration with the Estonian and EU partners 
  • verify the authenticity of the documents digitally signed by other persons with the e-resident’s digi-ID card
  • send encrypted documents to preserve the confidentiality
  • use your e-resident’s digi-ID card in the Estonian banks and payment systems for identification 
  • perform certain notary transactions in Estonian embassies in Finland, Sweden, Luxembourg, Latvia, and the United Kingdom (Helsinki, Stockholm, Brussels, Riga, and London), for example, issue powers of attorney or make transactions with the company stakes 

You can obtain the e-resident’s digi-ID card personally by filling out the application, submitting the required documents, and paying the state fee on https://e-resident.gov.ee/. It is also possible to apply with the Estonian Police and Border Guard in Tallinn. The digi-ID card can be collected at the service points of the Estonian Police Border Guard, Embassies, or consular offices. You can choose the most convenient pickup location here: https://e-resident.gov.ee/become-an-e-resident/#available-pick-up-locations. If required, Magrat will help you to save time and competently prepare your application for submission.


The cost of the service is 200 euros (VAT is not included but can be applied). 

Why choose Magrat?

  • we helped dozens of our clients to obtain e-Residency, we know the nuances and pitfalls of the procedure 
  • Magrat has been operating in the market for over 10 years, it is a licenced trust and company service provider (licence №FIU000154) with the right to act as a Contact Person for non-residents of Estonia
  • Magrat is an authorised member of the e-Residency Marketplace; the company participates in organising and holding conferences for entrepreneurs from different countries. We keep abreast of the latest tendencies and advantages of e-Residency
  • our team comprises qualified and experienced lawyers who have been specialising in incorporation and support of Estonian companies since 2009

What does the price include?

  • assistance in filling out an e-residency application online 
  • advising on the preparation of the accompanying documents 
  • advising on the preparation of the mandatory motivation statement, including an explanation of intentions to use your digi-ID card 
  • preparing the Client for answering additional questions of the Estonian Police and Border Guard employees, if they arise during application processing 

Price does not include

  • the state fee, which is typically 100-130 euros. The exact amount of the fee is determined by the State Fees Act (please see https://www.riigiteataja.ee/en/eli/502042015006/consolide/current) and may vary depending on the digi-ID card pickup location 
  • accompanying the Client upon their request to the police department in Tallinn for submitting their application and collecting their digi-ID card by proxy. The cost of this service is 350 euros + VAT
  • collecting the digi-ID card at the Estonian consular office (the Client should pick up the card personally)


We cannot guarantee the positive decision on granting e-Residency as the final independent decision is taken by the Estonian Police and Border Guard. Although instances of the application rejection are quite rare, they happen for reasons beyond Magrat’s control, and in such cases, the service fees are not refunded.

What is required from the Client?

  • a high-quality copy of an identification document in PDF or JPEG format 
  • a resume (СV)
  • contact details: telephone number, email, address 
  • one colour digital photograph that must be as recent as 6 months, with a minimum resolution of 1300 x 1600 pixels and file size of 1–5 МB 
  • additional documents and information upon request


The Client will receive the following documents and items after the provision of services: 

  • an email from the Estonian Police and Border Guard confirming application receipt
  • upon a positive decision, an email from the Estonian Police and Border Guard confirming application approval and a digital identity identification (digi-ID card) with the identification codes and a card reader

Document samples


The time required for preparing an application depends on how quickly the Client can submit the documents. Based on our experience, the process usually takes 25 business days

The decision to issue or refuse an e-resident’s digi-ID card is taken within 68 weeks from the application acceptance.

The Client receives a notification when their digi-ID card is ready for collection. Then, it can be picked up at the selected location during a 6-month period.

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