Document of incorporation of a limited liability company

125 €


After incorporating a company in Estonia, the owner often gets requests from the counterparties or banks to present the documents confirming the appointment of directors (board members). Such information is contained in the memorandum of association and application for the registration submitted to the Commercial Register of Estonia. If there is a sole founder, the decision on the company incorporation is provided instead.  

The memorandum of association, decision and application comprises the following:

  • name, location and address of the limited liability company, 
  • names and surnames of the founders, their residence or location addresses, 
  • planned size of the share capital, 
  • nominal cost and quantity of the shares, and their distribution between the founders, 
  • size of the contributions into the shares, procedure, time and place of their payment, 
  • in case of a non-monetary contribution—a non-monetary item and procedure for its evaluation, 
  • details of the members of the board, and if the council is being formedmembers of the council, 
  • details of the procurator or auditor if any, 
  • planned incorporation costs and procedure for their incurring.  

While concluding the memorandum of association, the founders also approve the articles of association of the limited liability company as an addendum to the memorandum. 

The incorporation document can be obtained in the paper format in Estonian with notarisation and apostille. 

There is no need to legalise or apostille a document issued in Estonia if the original or a translated copy is to be presented in Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, or Polandthe countries that have concluded treaties for legal assistance with Estonia.


The price of the incorporation document in the paper format in Estonian with notarization and apostille, if necessary, is 125 euros. It does not include VAT, which can be applied. 

Why choose Magrat?

  • Magrat has extensive experience of cooperation with notary and translation agencies in Tallinn, which allows us to receive notarised and translated documents within the shortest time. 
  • We offer comprehensive support: our clients can avail themselves of our one-stop services.

What is included in the price?

  • obtaining the incorporation document in the paper format in Estonian, 
  • notarisation,
  • apostille if necessary, 
  • sending a scanned copy to the client via e-mail.

What is not included in the price?

  • translation into other languages (the cost of translation into other languages is available upon request), 
  • sending documents to the client.

What is required from the client?

  • choose a target language of translation of the incorporation document, 
  • inform if apostille is required and for which country,  
  • provide the address and contact details of the recipient for sending the original document.


You will obtain the notarised and apostilled incorporation document in the paper format in Estonian.


The memorandum of association is provided within 3–5 working days upon receipt of the payment.

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