Address services in Estonia for 1 year

200 € year


According to the law, each company registered in Estonia must specify in the Commercial Register its legal address or address of the board in the foreign country. A company has a right to indicate its legal address only if it has a physical office in Estonia used for managing its business.   

If your company needs a legal address, Magrat can offer a private office or a place in the coworking space for rent. We can also provide postal address service for those companies that opt to specify the location of the board in a foreign country. By renting a postal address you get access to not only the procedural documents and petitions, which we accept as your designated contact person but also to any other correspondence delivered for your company.


The price of renting a postal address at the office premises in the centre of Tallinn is 200 euros per 12 months. The price does not include VAT, which can be applied.

Why choose Magrat?

  • Magrat is a licenced trust and company service provider (licence №FIU000154) with the right to act as a contact person for non-residents of Estonia  
  • Magrat is an authorised participant of the e-Residency programmes registered as a business service provider in the e-Residency Marketplace 
  • our team comprises successful and experienced lawyers who have been specialising in the incorporation and support of Estonian companies since 2009
  • we provide an individual approach to each client
  • we take into account all nuances of corporate law in Estonia 
  • we offer comprehensive company support including contact person service, postal address or physical office renting, bookkeeping, bank account opening assistance

What does the price include?

  • providing a postal address for receiving correspondence 
  • receiving correspondence in the postbox of Magrat OÜ or at Magrat office from a company employee from 9:00 to 17:00 during working days
  • notifying client about incoming correspondence without its opening 
  • transferring correspondence to an authorised representative of the Client at Magrat office 
  • forwarding scan-copies of correspondence in paper format (up to 10 pages)
  • transferring the originals of correspondence to an authorised representative of the Client at Magrat office

The price does not include

  • accepting parcels and cargoes 
  • visiting a postal office (on the basis of a power of attorney, signed by a member of the board) for obtaining correspondence of the company30 euros per visit
  • scanning correspondence and sending scans by e-mail—60 cents per page 
  • sending correspondence by registered mail (Omniva)—50 euros per dispatch
  • sending correspondence by courier mail (DHL)—100 euros per sending

What is required from the Client?

  • to conclude a contract with Magrat for receiving contact person service and renting a postal address 
  • to submit documents of the company, its directors and shareholders required for the verification and the “Know your Client” procedure


The preparation of the contract with Magrat for receiving contact person service and renting a postal address takes 12 days.


You will receive correspondence using a postal address in Estonia and administrative support of our personnel.  

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