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Fiduciary services.

Corporate finance.



Magrat Management

An independent consultancy based in Tallinn, Estonia

Our company has been representing its clients’ interests since 2007
The geography of our services extends throughout all of the European countries (the Baltic States,
Scandinavia, Switzerland, Italy, France, etc.) and Asia (Hong Kong, China)
30 years of joint partner experience in the area of corporate structuring, and the confidential
management of fiduciary services and investments.


What do we offer?

Structuring of private and corporate assets

International corporate services

Fiduciary services


Investment project analysis; representation of investor interests

Residential and dual citizenship programmes

Relations with banks

Why Magrat?

Our advantages


The partners of our company have been active in the area of corporate management and investments since 1997.


Individualized Approach

Our company’s strategy is working on tasks given by specific people, instead of offering standardized products and services.


Ever since 2001, our partners have been accumulating significant work experience in the light ofthe cultural peculiarities of European and Asian countries. At Magrat, everyone speaks Russian and one or more European languages.


Communication and Coordination

Our experience has shown us that one of the problems our clients face is the lack of understanding of goals and/or ineffective performance of tasks by European and Asian partners. Our key know-how is facilitating and optimizing professional communication with partners in Europe, Asia, Russian Federation and CIS countries.


Complex Proposal

Magrat proposes a wide range of solutions: from fiduciary and accounting services to investment analysis and control, and following through in merger and amalgamation deals. Together with our partners, we can offer headhunting, physical asset management, and investment decisions.

Price / Quality

Because we are based in Estonia, we can offer our clients European class service at affordable rates.


Kai 1, 10111, Tallinn, Estonia / 5th floor

+372 6630414 / +372 5129079